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TTYB was created out of a desire to improve our own language and teaching practices. After learning about Growth Mindset and researching and writing a practitioner research paper on this topic, the need for a system of simple micro lessons became very obvious.

We are all way too busy to fit yet another large teaching area into our days ... but unless growth mindset is taught daily you won't see the benefits. Hence, the TTYB teaching resource is a whole years worth of lessons that are no more than 15 minutes long. 

TTYB is written to easily slot into your teaching day. We do the lessons as part of our morning routine as we like the way it sets the tone for the day. The micro-lessons are only 10 mins but the language is then used all day.

If you would like to get to know us better we have some quick blurbs below, or even better, drop us an email from the website or find us on Facebook and say hello! We would love to hear from you :) 

Clarissa Johnson

Clarissa is an advocate for teaching young children to take control of their language and mindset. After many years of teaching, she has learnt the power of using language that positively impacts their self-talk. This can significantly impact patterns of behaviour, attitudes towards learning, understanding emotions, self-perception and the ability to problem solve. An experienced teacher and author, Clarissa coaches colleagues, students and parents in the power of language and its impact on young lives. She is known for her compassion and genuine approach to life and is committed to teaching and coaching students, parents and teachers who have the desire to change their mindset and live a more joyful life through her personal coaching, online resources and her written blogs.

Veronica Colley

Veronica is an experienced teacher and is the co-creator of the 'Talk To Your Brain' Program for teachers. She began her career in South West Queensland before relocating to Brisbane a few years ago. Veronica's passion and desire to support the journey of young children by positively impacting the mindset of those in her classroom is evident in every interaction and conversation she has. She is an advocate for supporting other teachers and parents to use the growth mindset language in order to empower their own children. Veronica is known for her gentle and encouraging manner and for creating authentic relationships with students, parents and colleagues alike.


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