This episode features Clarissa Johnson and Veronica Colley, both practicing teachers, who run a business to teach language of mindset and self-talk to teachers and students. They want to share this with others to make a difference to the future of children.


2:10 How did the business of ‘talk to your brain’ begin?

5:00 How the program supports families/teachers to build resilience and self-love

9:20 Two key things to pass on to kids

11:35 Average response from kids around self-love and self-worth

16:55 About kids and reaching out for help

18:30 How to embed meaningful change


1:20 How Clarissa and Veronica were able to implement the first program

3:15 What results are they seeing thus far?

5:40 About Clarissa’s two books, ‘Hello Brain’ and ‘Talk to your brain’.

10:06 The power of the word ‘yet’

13:00 Tips for parents on devices and social media

16:35 Examples of results of growth mindset in kids

20:35 tips on getting kids to open up about their challenges

25:00 Veronica’s tips for her 10-year-old self

27:50 What Clarissa & Veronica offer in their services, and recommended materials

How did the story of this business begin?
Clarissa: It started from a significant need to change what we were seeing in our classroom and support our students in their learning journey as well as their emotional journey. 

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