Hero or Villain?

power of words Jun 09, 2019

I Teach - What's your Superpower?!

I love this saying!  Somewhat, for the image of being able to run around with a cape on! Who doesn't love a cape?! But I love it mainly because it offers me the reminder of the power that lies with me as a teacher of little humans. Something I have been noticing quite significantly in recent days.

While they don't technically belong to me, nor do I take them home each day, I am consciously aware of the number of hours I spend with 'my kids' every day and as a result, the impact I am capable of making. 

But here's the thing...

The impact can go one of two ways. While most teachers are heroes (and I have had the greatest pleasure of working with so many over the years), I have also witnessed the 'villain'. I often wondered what the impact would be in the years to come. There are so many little phrases that I have heard used so flippantly (and I am sure in the past, have used them myself) that when I hear them...

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